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All Our Block Paving Driveways Include a 5 Year Guarantee!

Firm Pave has been an established block paving specialist for over 30 years. We have successfully provided block paved driveways for the Welwyn, St Albans and Hertfordshire areas and beyond.

We offer an extensive range of custom block paving driveway designs - there are no limits to the effects that can be created. We help to bring that touch of individuality to your block paving driveway. Whilst it only takes a few days to install a new block paving path this investment will last you a lifetime.

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block paving specialistPatio Specialists

Designed and installed by us, your patio can become the focal point of the garden and a feature of beauty and elegance.

Building a beautiful Patio can transform your backyard into a warm, inviting outdoor living space. Our brick and stone designs are offer a wonderful compliment to the natural beauty of a professionally manicured lawn or garden.

As the perfect addition to your outdoor space, a Patio will invite closeness, boost your home's resale value, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space.

A new Patio will give you a place to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family.

If you want a durable, cost effective and low maintenance surface, then choose Firm Pave.

We offer you quality patio and driveway installations and repairs, that are always completed to the highest standards. Let us give you a beautifully finished surface at a great price.

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